Eminent Router Login IP, Username & Password

To log into Eminent router you need to have three things; web admin panel login IP, username & password. Please note that this article covers all router models of Eminent. Or if you like then, click to see setup manuals for Eminent routers.

IP address for Eminent Modem Login

Since there may be several models of Eminent router in market like EM4422, EM4450 & EM4544, so, often the IP to access web admin panel differs a bit. After lot of working we have found that below given 2 IPs are most used. Try one-by-one to see which one works for you!

Above IPs work for most of the Eminent router models but if not then try these IPs below.

Router Model Possible Login IP Address

Select the correct IP from above options and put into your browser as show below:

router login screen

No IP Working for Me!

If no IP above works for you it means you or someone having access to router has changed the IP from default value. Don't worry, here is quick procedure to find it - just select your operating system and proceed.

Username & Password for Eminent

Try these most popular username & password combinations, Eminent factory tends to use, by default.


Above ID/Pass not working against Eminent? Try these.

Username & Password is not working for me! Help

It means you or someone else having access to your router has changed the default password in past. This is not a problem and can easily be resolved by router hard-reset. It takes mere 2 minutes or less, just follow reset instructions here.

Still Can't Login? Consult Your Router Manual

Still facing login problem? Best solution is therefore, to consult your Eminent router manual against your model. Click your Eminent model below.

EM4218 View Manual
EM4420 View Manual
EM4422 View Manual
EM4450 View Manual
EM4544 View Manual
EM4551 View Manual

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