(sometimes mistakenly typed as 192.168.l.l) is a default login IP for most of router companies like Cisco, D-Link, Linksys, Motorola, NETGEAR & TP-Link. To access your router navigation panel, first time setup & configuration of router, change parental controls, update firmware and more, you need to log into router via IPs like, &

Get Correct IP, Username & Password For Your Router!

2-Minute Procedure to Log into Your Router

A-Z quick and easy login procedure is being presented in 2 steps. Follow it as given to soothe your frustration (if any).

Step 1: Get Your Correct Router Login IP

First of all make sure you are using correct login IP address because some people by mistake type as 192.168.l.l (or 192.168.ll). Also, make sure is your default router IP because although it is the most popular IP but still many router companies use IPs like, or or others.

Do This to Find Correct Login IP of Your Modem

Select your router from dropdown menu below to get correct IP address.

Note: If your company is not so famous and therefore, not listed in above dropdown menu then click your operating system (like Windows, MAC etc) below to immediately get your current router IP.

If you have got correct router login IP, just open your web browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Safari as shown below and type router IP in address bar ( in our case) and press ENTER key.

A window (or pop-up) will open-up as shown.

router login screen before

Step 2: Get Your Router Username & Password

If you know username/password of your router then enter both in respective fields (i.e. into the page which opened after entering login IP address into browser) as shown below.

router login screen after

However, if you don't know Username/Password or both then follow below tutorial.

I Don't Know My Router Username ID and/or Password

1st Case:First of all, if you haven't ever changed your password before, then there is 100% chance that your modem is using default username ID & password. To find default settings just look on top/bottom or sides of router body for a label; it may look like as shown below:

Both username & password must be written on it. Try them; they are unique for every router. However, if it doesn't work then follow below method.

2nd Case:In case default ID/Password is not working, it means someone using the router had changed it in past. Or if you yourself changed it but now don't remember it then no need to fret. Take a deep breath and relax - there is quick solution to it.

Router Reset Procedure

Take a look at router body and you will see a small (1-2 mm) peep-hole (as shown below). A reset button is present inside that hole and lies there so that one may not accidentally press it. But as of now it's the time to press it (press and hold for at least 10 seconds). You will see router lights blinking during this process.

Now unplug the router power and plug it after few seconds. Doing this you have reset your modem back to default company settings. The default username ID/Password written on router sticker will work now.

Warning: Resetting your modem will erase all the customized settings done by you or someone using the router.

How to Setup & Configure Router for the First Time?

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Popular Router Companies Using as Login IP

Being the most popular IP to access the router setup page, is used by several manufacturers, including (but not limited to) popular router companies listed below.